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Polar Dun goose down products are built on proud Danish traditions deeply rooted in supreme craftsmanship and with the processing of down in pride. Polar Dun is a perfect example of Danish design and innovation and fulfills even the strictest demands for quality – for raw material as well as for the finish of the product. With a duvet or pillow from Polar Dun you are ensured a good choice and optimum sleeping comfort. Polar Dun satisfies you and is your guarantee for better sleep. With, Polar Dun, you can face the day, refreshed and well-rested.

For the decades, Polar Dun has been the leading brand, when it comes to duvets and pillow filled with the finest European down in Norway. Polar Dun has a variety of duvets for the Norwegian market. From the good traditional channel duvets to the more modern stitched cassette variants. Polar Dun is synonymous with state-of-the-art, individual duvets and pillows for the aware consumers. For those who make demands for their lives and their surroundings, and those who seek tradition harmony and real values. The duvets and pillows from Polar Dun are created for a better life.

It is important for everyone to sleep well. Most of us have found that there is a direct link between the quality of our bedding environment and how refreshed we feel when we wake in the morning. That is why you should always be very critical when deciding which quilt and pillow you wish to spend your nights with.

If you choose Polar Dun, you can be sure of a good night’s sleep for many years to come. We have not achieved our success without hard work. Polar Dun has been developing and producing duvets and pillows since 1947. Today Polar Dun has become an international brand-known for quality.

From down to quilt

Selecting the raw material The manufacture of high quality duvets or pillows with down and feather filling starts with the selection of the raw feathers. Polar Dun’s producer DYKON has many years of experience in selecting best goose down, where the suppliers make the well-being of the animals a priority.

Washing Process Washing the raw feathers creates the basis for obtaining a fluffy, no disease or smell and allergy friendly filling product for the quilt or pillow. This is crucial for the comfort and heat insulating qualities which the product will have later. Sorting After the washing process, the washed product is sorted mechanically into down and feathers, so that by mixing it is possible to produce different down/feather mixes for the different types of duvets and pillows which the market demands. Making up the case The case itself, which is used for the duvet or pillow, is made of 100% cotton. The textile quality is especially closely woven and finished, so that it is down and feather proof.

During the making of the case there are strict requirements with regard to complying with stitch lengths and needle types, so that the sewing thread can fill the sewing hole. This prevents the down and feather from passing through the sewing. Filling After a thorough inspection the case is filled with the required down/feather mixture. The filling is done by the fastest and most state-of-the art machinery to be found on the market.

How to choose a right duvet

It is important to take advice on the choice of the right quilt. Quilts can be light, heavy, hot, warm, cool, short, long, cheap, expensive etc. Listen to the advice of the sales person and choose the product that suits your needs best.

However, a down quilt can be many things. The most expensive and finest products contain fully mature down from large grey geese. In quilts with this huge down it is only necessary to fill relatively few grams in the quilt bolster.

When the bolster is also woven of the finest, combed cotton yarns, the quilt will weigh almost nothing. The down has a maximum life span, as it is much tougher and breaks down more slowly, which means that the quilt feels fluffy and voluminous even after many years of use.

Polar Dun Duvets from DYKON are allergy-neutral and are tested continuously. Furthermore, the bolsters are Oeco-Tex certified.



Exclusively Danish produced duvets and pillows.
Polar Dun duvets concept is built on traditional Danish craftsmanship and design.
These exclusive duvets and pillows are exclusively composed solely of the nature's own raw materials. Polar Dun duvets are extremely comfortable and luxurious.
The pillows give your head the best possible support.



SINCE 1947

SINCE 1947

DYKON A/S is the leading manufacturer of down and feather duvets and pillows in the North Europe.
It is our intention to develop and extend our competitive technology and global presence.
DYKON’s strategy is to create value for our customers based on a high degree of specialization in down and feather processing. We offer down-filled products optimized to the demands of our customers.


Using a simple marking on the products, we bring into focus the advantages of buying Danish produce – high quality, proper working conditions and respect for the environment and animal welfare.
We use the “Made in Denmark” mark to indicate that we show respect for traditional, Danish handicraft in our production that is so important for maintaining the high quality level of our duvets and pillows.





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